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Mini Multi-Pipe Pullers

Available in 4 ½ and 5 ½-inch outside diameter, the Mini Multi-Pipe Pullers protect all your hardware and eliminates wear on your clevis and socks – there is no need for a bridle sling. Install up to 3-2-inch, 4-1 ½-inch, 5- 1 ¼-inch with 4½-inch 4-2″ 6-1½ inch 7-1 ¼-inch with 5½-inch or combinations. If you use a reamer for larger pipe bundles, the Mini can fit more pipes behind it. The 4 ½ Mini can be used behind your spade bit and swivel. The Mini also works for pulling behind plows as a slug for multiple pipe installation.

Why chance losing pipe because of a broken clevis or bridle? Contractors are using these for their single-pipe installations as well. It works great for telecom, electrical or any other products pulled in a bundle. Also, available is a full line of 4-inch,6-inch, 8-inch,10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch Multi-Pipe Pullers for larger bundles. QuickConnect will also build custom Multi-Pipe Pullers for larger bundles. Call us for details.

The Mini Multi-Pipe Puller is shown here installing 4-1 ¼” conduits on a project. It works in combination with your swivel, spade and protects your clevis’ and sock loops, eliminating the bridle to keep everything tight together.

Pulling Head D (in.) L (in.) Total Wgt (lb.) Wgt (Per Half)