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The Pull Head
Every Project

Bring versatility, speed and safety to the job site with the QuickConnect Universal Pull Head

Make pipe installation quicker by eliminating the need for multiple pull heads for various applications. With the QuickConnect Universal Pull Head and attachments, one pull head can do FPVC, PVC, pipe bundles and pipe bursting. That’s right, one pull head with numerous pulling options.


Custom Build

We custom build from 16" to 30".

What will time savings mean for you?

The more time your crew is in the hole the more opportunity there is for something to go wrong. Weather conditions, traffic and lowering fusing equipment can all compromise below ground safety. With the QuickConnect Universal Pull Head, you reduce your crew’s total time fusing in the trench, which brings another layer of safety to your operation

Less time in the hole means reduced labor costs for you. And reducing input expenses allows you more flexibility to profitably bid and secure jobs.

A typical job may require ten eight-inch bores or pipe burst runs. And they all need MJ adapters. Currently, it may take up to three hours per hole to cut off the pull head, lower fusing equipment or prep for electrofusion and account for cooling. And then there’s the hourly cost of your crew – fusing equipment costs, materials and equipment downtime. Fact is, it’s a time intensive and expensive project.

Which is why the QuickConnect Universal Pull Head is so revolutionary. Simply rinse the pull head and disconnect. Then you’re ready to move on to the next pull.

In the ten-pull scenario, that can save you $10,000-$15,000 in labor cost alone. And gain you 20-30 hours of time – so your crew can be working on another project that your competitors cannot.

Calculate cost savings with the QuickConnect ROI calculator

When using the QuickConnect Universal Pull Head and attachments, there is no cleaning the mud or soil out of the pipe. Just remove the pull head and its ready for the next connection. And that means the QuickConnect Universal Pull head allows you to save time and increase productivity. Reduced time on at the job site means you can get to the next project or bid quicker. And if you’re working with a general contractor, they’re able to complete their job more efficiently as well.

The Abbott Award for Innovative Products & Services: Rehabilitation & New Installation
NASTT annually recognizes two companies with state-of-the-art products or services in either new installation or rehabilitation for their achievements in advancing the trenchless industry. NASTT named these prestigious awards in honor of the late Joseph L. Abbott, Jr. Joe was an active member of the society since its inception in 1990 and a champion of innovation in the industry!

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