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QuickConnect Acquires BOREHEAD

By December 14, 2020January 6th, 2021No Comments

Adds industry-leading pull head capabilities to growing portfolio of HDPE pipe services

West Concord, Minn. QuickConnect, manufacturer of pull heads, pull collars, multi-pipe pullers and pipe bursting sleeves, announced the acquisition of BOREHEAD®. The purchase will better serve the needs of QuickConnect and BOREHEAD customers.

QuickConnect offers pull heads that are a safe and efficient way to install underground polyethylene pipe. The pipe allows installation crews to fuse a MJ to the pipe above ground, as opposed to a bell hole underground. This removes personnel from hazardous work areas while speeding up the installation process. Another advantage to using the QuickConnect pull head and attachments is there’s no cleaning the mud or soil out of the pipe. You can simply remove the pull head and it’s ready for the next connection.

“This acquisition represents an important strategic opportunity to combine our resources and allow us to offer top technology for trenchless operations,” said Clint Baumgartner, QuickConnect Product Specialist.

“I’m excited to offer our BOREHEAD customers QuickConnect products for the safe and fast polyethylene pipe installation methods they’ve come to expect from us,” states Dave Ziola, BOREHEAD President/Owner.

Effective immediately, BOREHEAD will become a division of QuickConnect and do business as QuickConnect.

About QuickConnect:

QuickConnect is a line of universal pull heads, pull collars and multi-pipe pullers designed to make life easier and more efficient for trenchless operators. The QuickConnect team brings years of practical trenchless construction experience to their designs, and the products have been engineered to solve common problems contractors face on the job site every day.

About BOREHEAD: BOREHEAD manufactures pull heads and MJ Adaptors.